Joy & Entertainment? Lots of it!

Kids toy only? Not really.

drone-674238_640Great interests were shown on quadcopters in the last decades. This is why they are used for different purposes.
Perhaps, the most popular use in different parts of the world is as toy and entertainment. This means that there are different sizes and features on the market. You can always make your choice based on what you want to do with it. The most affordable brand on the market was manufactured as toys for kids.

In the same way, there are some sophisticated quadcopter toys only kids do not use these; adults used them for entertainment as well.

This is the major reason that you can see various types of unmanned air vehicles in the country. They are available in different models, sizes, and shapes. You can see a lot of them that mainly for indoor use as toys for children. They are used to entertain the kids and other family members. Quadcopter toys meant for indoor purpose are always lighter and smaller, and cheaper as said earlier. In the same, there are models that were suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. These ones are always bigger and they have powerful motors as well as batteries that power it. This model would last longer in the sky than those meant purely for indoor use. They can also cover more distance.

From simple toy to electronic gadget.

Many people are showing more interests in recreational drones because of the joy they derive from it. It is a better way to pass their idle times. You can always determine what you can do with your quadcopters from its features. Modern quadcopters are equipped with the latest digital technologies, and this increases its capacity. You can see many of them equipped with digital cameras, with which you can take fantastic pictures from different parts of the city. The features enhance your hobbyist activities. You can take both video and still images with your toy. You can make the most out of it if you master the latest technologies featured in the system. Such features like aero dynamics, computer features, Google maps grid, as well as GPS positioning among other interesting features would help you a lot.

So how much money do I need?

As you can see, most quadcopters used as toys are always affordable. Some of them could be sold as little as forty dollars. This type of toy is usually meant for kids and beginners. Some are not so cheap, but can be used for entertainment. Some of them could cost a few hundred dollars; they have latest features, which would boost your recreational activities.

Many parents like purchasing quadcopter toys for their kids, because they were considered the greatest way to teach kids new things about aviation. Many people have great aviation dreams when they were growing up. Exposing the kids to the quadcopters toy remains the best way to teach them about it. There are different models of quadcopters toys on the market today. One brand that is very popular is the Wing Z-84. Kids can do different things with the toy. They do not only learn how to fly, they can disassemble and reassemble the parts. It is a fun for many people to experiment with such toys.

Many people are changing over to the quadcopters as a better alternative to the game consoles. Instead of spending your time playing games, you can just have fun with quadcopter toys. Another popular brand is the HiSKY HFP80. It is liked because of its wonderful features.

Top Companies Building and Selling Quadcopters

Time For Some Shopping.

drone-674236_640In the last decades, quadcopter industry has improved significantly. This is because many companies were engaged in manufacturing and selling the product to all parts of the globe. The market was expanding, because the technology for its manufacture has improved significantly from what it used to be. There are various models on the market today, such that it is difficult to track all the manufacturers.

However, here are the makers of the most notable brands that you can find on the market today:

  • DJI Innovations
    This is a reputable name as far as quadcopter manufacture is concerned. Headquartered out of Shenzhen in China, the company is famous for producing the highest quality UAS, especially quadcopters. It produces for both professionals as well as hobbyists. The best model the company is always associated with includes the Phantom models. The best of the model could be seen in the Phantom 2 Vision Plus. It is regarded as the best-enabled video quadcopters that you can find on the industry today. The company has produced other models. It recently released the DJI Inspire 1.
  • Parrot
    Another popular company that you can always remember when quadcopters are discussed is the Parrot. The company is known for the famous AR.Drone 2.0. The quadcopter has many features, which make the most user-friendly quadcopter. It is fitted with such features as Wi-Fi smartphone control, integrated video, as well as gaming features among others. The company was founded in 1994, and it is regarded as one of the new entrants into the quadcopters market. This model was smaller than the first model. Another model, the company, is introducing to the market includes the Bebop Drone.
  • Syma Toys
    This is another Chinese company, and they are making great impact into the quadcopter market. The company was very popular for its traditional RC helicopters; recently they have entered into the quadcopter market. One famous model, the company, was known for was the SYMA X1. This model was popular because it is affordability and cheaper than other models on the market today. Another affordable brand from the company is the X12 Nano.
  • Blade/Horizon Hobby
    Blade is one of the companies known for producing, and marketing quadcopters. It is a subsidiary of the Horizon Hobby. The company is engaged in the production of various types of RC helicopters and quadcopters. The most popular brand the company is known for includes the Blade Nano QX. This is good for beginners.
  • Walkera
    This is another quadcopter manufacturing company, and it is based in China. The company has various ranges of quadcopters on the market today. The most popular brand the company is known for is the QR Ladybird. The company has produced other models that are also famous on the market and the sizes vary.
  • XAircraft America
    You cannot talk of quadcopter manufacturers without mentioning XAircraft America. This company is not as big as most of the companies mentioned above. They are known for producing ready to fly quadcopters. They also offer FPV kits.

Other companies worth mentioning include the following: WL Toys, Hubs an, 3D Robotics and a few others.

These companies offer a wide range of quadcopters, and their products are available in different parts of the world.

Legal Approach To Owning A Drone

It was fun once…

gavel-568417_640There is no doubt that the use of drones and quadcopters have changed our airspace. These days, there are some concerns raised about the legal implication of the use of drones. To start with, there is no law that categorically forbids the use of drones or quadcopters in the United States.

However, there tend to be some limitations as regards the use of drones and quadcopters for photography and other camera work.

Drones and quadcopters are deployed all over the world for different purposes ranging from pipeline inspection, surveillance, and national security, rescue and search, electrical lines inspection, as well as weapon delivery among other important functions. Originally, drones and quadcopters were used for taking pictures; it appears that this role is being overtaken by weapon delivery. This latest use has sparked off debates and protests all over the world as regards the legal use of drones.

The official rules in USA

As said, there is no express legislation that forbids the use of drones in the US and several other parts of the world. When it comes to the use of drones for video shooting, there are some rules that limit the use of an unmanned aerial system.

FAA the Federal Aviation Administration presented the rules.

Some of the regulations that restrict the use of drones for shooting purposes are as follows:

  • You should the drone safely.
  • Keep your UAS always in sight.
  • You should not fly above four hundred feet from the ground.
  • You should not fly your drone close to the airports, and it is recommended that you follow it everywhere it goes this makes it safer.
  • You should never fly the drones near people.
  • Never fly your drones to places it could cause damage.

These are the basic rules, which are always enforced by the FAA.

Some things are still unclear.

drone-464626_640For now, the law permits you to fly your drones with cameras on it. However, you should know that regulations would change in the future as many states across the country are planning for legislations that could restrict the use of drones for camera purposes. What is on board is that the use of drones to shoot videos for commercial purposes is not allowed in the country now. This means that you can only use it for hobby purposes and nothing more.

However, the rule could be changing this year 2015, because the government was planning to open the airspace for privately owned commercial drones in the country. Before you would be allowed for that, you have to get the permit from the FAA. It appears that the FAA is disposed towards certain categories of drones. They wanted quadcopters that would not be more than 55 pounds in weight.

Currently, there are permits granted for unmanned aerial systems. However, it should be noted that they should not be used for video shooting, and they were not for profit making as well. It appears that the permits that are currently given out by the FAA are for experimental purposes only. However, some states in the US are planning legislation against the use of drones. Attempts by seven states in the past to pass such legislation failed. It is yet to be seen how the planned legislation would go in thirty states.

Let’s Get The History Facts Straight.

The definition

AUG8VM3FWSDrones and quadcopters belong to aerial vehicles. They are called UAVs because they are unmanned. The vehicles can fly in the air without control by a pilot. This is why it is regarded as flying robots.

They have revolutionized the aviation industry. They have witnessed tremendous improvements in the last decade, as could be seen from their enormous capabilities over the years. The manner drones and quadcopters were developed is amazing.

The invention begins… in 1907!

The development started with a rotor flight. The belief is that combining many rotors seemed more appropriate and could solve the problem associated with VTOL flight. The first attempt was done in the year 1907 by two French brothers by name Louis and Jacques Breguet. The two brothers were able to build and test gyroplane. This was regarded as the first quadcopter ever produced. The product was able to take off, but could not do much because they were not stable.

However, by the year 1924, another French man Etienne Oehmichen developed the first quadcopter that could fly high on the sky. He was an engineer. His quadcopter was able to fly a distance of 360M up the sky. This was impressive because it was able to beat the world record. Later the same year, he was able to fly another 1KM in less than 8 minutes.

So, who was first, France or USA?

About the same period, a US citizen named George de Bothezat developed another quadcopter as part of the US Army military hardware development of that time. The quadcopter was able to carry some flights before a decision to scrap that program was taken.

It appeared that early developers of drones and quadcopters were more successful with quadcopters, because it was much easier for them at that time. The technological development at that time would not have produced anything more the quadcopter.

It doesn’t matter – the evolution continues.

air-monitoring-211124_640The pioneer quadcopters designed at that time were remarkably different from what is available these days. The engine was situated in the copter fuselage; this is why the four four rotors drive the system through shafts or by belts. However, this was a problem, because the shafts and belts were found to be very heavy and this that it could break at any time, and that was not good for the system. Moreover, the four rotors were discovered not to be the same and that makes the quadcopter unstable, this is because running the four rotors on the same speed is not easy, although it could lift the copter up, it could not produce a stable flight. However, as technology improves, quadcopters were stabilized, it was difficult for pilots at that time, because there was no computer. It could be said that it was these challenges that changed the interest toward helicopters.

However, the advent in science and technology especially the development of electronic motors made it easier to develop efficient and more reliable multi-rotors. Modern multi-copters are operated by electric motors, which were put on each rotor. The invention of flight computer has helped a lot because it helps to monitor the operation of the copter and corrects it once it becomes unstable.

The design of modern VTOL drones is more successful than the previous designs. These days, because of the successes achieved over the years, people now prefer the multi-copters for leisure and hobby than helicopters. The development is ongoing as the scaling of the multicopters to passenger plane may be on the way. This is evident from the manufacture of krossblade.